Karen is an amazing trainer! She truly cares about her clients’ personal well-being and she is very supportive and motivating. Karen tailored a work-out plan based on my ability, needs and schedule. She made me feel comfortable right away. Her knowledge is extensive, she is always well prepared and her work-outs are never boring. Karen challenges me to work smarter and harder. She loves what she does. I would recommend Karen to anyone looking for a personal trainer!

L. Childress

A few years ago, I was suffering from recurring back pain as a result of a back injury. A doctor recommended that I try Pilates and I am so happy that I followed her advice. Karen has been my personal trainer from the beginning and I am very grateful for her knowledge and expertise. She developed an exercise regimen based on my goals, which were to increase my strength, flexibility and build muscle, in order to rehabilitate my back to prevent further injuries.

Once a week Karen and I would train adding more variety to my exercise program as I became stronger. I began on the reformer and progressed to free weights, TRX and mat Pilates. Over time my core became much stronger to support my lower back and my muscle tone increased dramatically!

I have not had any subsequent back injuries and I am so grateful for Karen’s guidance along the way. At 61 years old, I am proof that at any age you can recover from an injury and emerge stronger and healthier than ever!

G. Krasity

I have been taking Karen’s classes with a friend consistently, twice a week, for the past five years. I marvel at what I can now do, that I wasn’t able to do five years ago. My confidence level is definitely up! Karen has always taken into consideration my level of fitness when creating a workout, gradually increasing the level of difficulty. She sets a high, but not unreasonable, bar to keep workouts challenging.

Karen is passionate and motivated. I am impressed with her knowledge of the human body. She explains and demonstrates proper form and will give background on why an exercise is important to your wellbeing. She is always alert and quick to make any corrections to prevent injuries and I appreciate her unlimited patience.

I have learned how to safely exercise and the importance of maintaining good posture.

Karen is a blessing in my life!

M. Ryan